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Seeking to spread God's Kingdom of Hope and Transformation, Living Waters is a grassroots community of faith with a passion for service to our local communities.


To be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the local community. To exist for the purpose of reaching those who have not yet realised that they are deeply loved by a God who not only created them and gave His life for them, but that longs to be in a relationship with them. Most importantly, to follow the example of Jesus in our personal lives by truly caring, loving and helping people regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds or pasts.

Our church is just like church (only a little different). We preach the Gospel and worship God with awesome music. We have great fellowship through an interactive worship service that engages those who come along. You are not talked at or down to (from a high pulpit) but you get to join in the conversation and ask questions :) We have a great Kids club with an amazing Children’s ministry team that will keep your children busy in a positive and fun learning environment while you worship. We also have great weekly activities and connect groups that you and your family can join! So come and meet our church family and if you like us (fingers crossed), you are welcome to join our family. Everyone is welcome at our church!
Hope to see you next Saturday afternoon! 3pm @ the PCYC :)


Living Water Community Church was founded in February of 2020 with a vision of serving their community in whatever ways they were able to. Upon hearing of the staggering statistic of male suicide being the worst across all of Australia right here in our backyard, in Sydney's Northern Beaches, we new it was a non-negotiable to seek to find ways to support mental health services in the area. As volunteers, we seek to work closely throughout the year, with our local PCYC in Dee Why and our local community councils to provide support to our local communities where we can. 

We also seek to offer a safe space and enriching community where individuals and families from our local community can offer support and feel supported in every aspect of their lives be it physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual.   


Currently we connect throughout the week in a variety of ways which everyone and anyone is welcome to be a part of. We meet weekly on Saturday at 3:00pm for fellowship in worship and the study of God's Word, usually following or preceded by a get-together over a meal or recreational activity. 

We also offer a range of Community Ministries including Prayer Ministry, Marriage Counselling, Bible Study, Women's & Men's groups as well as a Mother's Ministry all of which you can learn more about by clicking the button below.


Our community at Living Water Community Church is a part of the global Seventh Day Adventist Church who celebrate the gift of rest in the Sabbath (meaning rest) we are so blessed with as God creation. Every seventh day we literally are called to stop and be still, catch our breaths and enjoy time off with family and friends.


We and the generations to come after us also look forward to our Saviour's advent - His return for His people - and keep that vision burning in our hearts. For His return no doubt will be in a time of great suffering, greater than our eyes have yet seen. But until then we seek to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to eliminate suffering where we can, offer hope to the hopeless and living water to those who thirst and are seeking more than this world can give.


"Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Psalm 34:8

"Test me now in this," says the lord of hosts, "if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you until it overflows."

Try and experience for yourself the incredible goodness of God.
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